Aquaserene Resort

Aqua serene Resort

Aquaserene Resort

AddressAquaserene Resort,
South Paravur P.O, Kollam District,
Pin - 691301

Accessibility Gaining access to the wonderfully designed Aquaserene Resort is not a Herculean task since it is situated just 3 km from the city bus stand. People visiting the resort from far away places can make use of the railway facilities since the railway station is only 18 kms away. Traveling 65 km from the Trivandrum airport one can reach the Aquaserene resort.

Hotel Description When one enters the Aquaserene resort, he or she can see all the features of traditional kerala architecture. A new experience can be guaranteed when people are visiting Kerala for the first time. The hospitality shown at the Aquaserene resort is incomparable. Traditional methods and ways are used to welcome the guests who get completely swept off their feet. The chattels in the resort are carefully landscaped and provide a serene look to the resort. they are specially shaded with coconut palms. The attractive canals are skillfully linked with each other by criss cross arched bridges that give a gorgeous look to the place.

Accommodation At Reosrt The distinctive Kerala style architecture is known to create a lot of serenity and composure to the surrounding. The Aquaserene Resort is believed to have gained proper understanding of this aspect. Each and every place in the resort can make one get the full satisfaction of spending time in Gods own country. Modern as well as traditional facilities offered in the resort are well connected to the kerala architecture. The cottages of the resort are aesthetically designed as independent one and are 28 in number. Each cottage appears to be a land of its own. A lot of privacy is seen in the cottages which are air conditioned. The beauty of the interiors are enhanced by the plush tiled flooring, splendid cane worked furniture and cozy wooden ceiling. The rooms are fitted with all modern accessories to make it look pleasant and the very glimpse of the open courtyard fills charm to each heart.

Amenities & Services At Resort

The Aqua serene resorts are well known for the unlimited number of facilities and amenities provided to the guests. Each guest or tourist is made to feel at home by providing all the required necessities in the best form. When visiting Kerala, one has to get the taste of the backwaters. This resort provides all opportunities to help guests realize the beauty of the state. Cruises and fishing opportunities are offered with extra care paid to the provision for aquatic sports. One feature that makes the Aquaserene resort unique is the spell binding view that people get of the unspoilt beaches and exotic surrounding. Additional facilities like hot water, special water sports, health clubs, safe deposit facilities, tea and coffee makers, internet and telephone facilities are provided to the guests. Not to forget the attractive swimming pool this is pivotal in giving full excitement to the tourists. It is located in the center of a pond and is a great place where one can relax and relish the beauty of nature.

People wanting to spend time in the Aquaserene resort can get online bookings from us. Details about other heritage hotels in Kerala can be gained when you contact us. Feel free to come to us for bookings and other clarifications.
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