Kappad Beach

Kappad Backwaters

Kappad Beach

  • Location                         : 16 Kms From Kozhikode , Kerala
  • Temperature Range     : 35 C - 22 C
  • Best Time To Visit         : October To May
  • Main Attraction             : Fort Kochi Carnival

Kappad beach is located just 16km from Kozhikode beach. It is a lovely stretch of beach area that is studded with rocks. Tourists who have visited this beach find it to be the most charming of all of Kerala’s beaches. This beach has been named as the ‘Gateway to the Malabar coast’.

Kappad Beach in Kozhikode is the most important Malabar trade region and was once ruled by the powerful Zamorins. Now there is only a small stone monument left as a landmark of those significant times. Close to the beach rocks lies a temple, which has a history that dates 800 years back.

Nearly, more than 500 years back, the famous Vasco do Gama and his 150 men stopped their ship here and stepped into Kerala, thus creating a new chapter in history.In addition to this important event, this beach has witnessed influences from the Arabs, Phonecians, Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and the British who came here to get involved in the spice trade and also because they were attracted by the wealth of the local people here. Following such landings started the tumultuous relationship with European countries.

Tourists find this sea faring town to be a beautiful haven and the best route to this place is through the backwaters. The unspoiled beach area here beckons people from far and wide and is indeed a bewitching experience. You can arrive at this beach through the Korappuzha River.

Prime Attractions Kappad Backwaters Touring through Kappad backwaters is a unique experience. These backwaters are made up of a series of lagoons, lakes & canals. Travelling through these waters is an experience in itself because of its luscious beauty. The banks of the river are full of fields that spread expansively into the distance, where you can see lovely coconut groves and perhaps a temple or church.

Taking a boat ride through the lovely Kappad backwaters is a lovely experience. You can get a deeper understanding of local life here as you will get to see sights such as the local fishermen launching their cockleshell boats, Some amazing watch here would be women catching fish using just their feet, cattle grazing about and meandering, small ponds with lotus flower floating on top and much more.

Pookot Lake This is a beautiful freshwater lake that is covered on all sides by trees and is situated just halfway from Calicut. It is just an hour and a half reach from Kalpetta.

How to Reach There You can reach here by air through the Karipur International Airport, which is 23 km from Kozhikode town. It can also be accessed from Kozhikode by rail which is 16 km away.

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