Yoga In Kerala

Yoga & Meditation In Kerala

Based on the very old wisdom and ethos the science of man, yoga in Kerala, is considered to be an art of living a balanced, healthy, and peaceful life. Being an integrated system, yoga studies and treats human beings in total relating to the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is an epitome of age old principles and values. It is a way of life which benefits the human beings socially and personally.

In their search for self realization the sages of the yore conceived it and it has been recognized during its long journey from the hermitages of yore to the cities of today as a philosophy of life. This not only ensures physical well being but it also gives moral elevation, mental peace, harmony and a spiritual uplift for man along with converting man from his animal like existence to an inspiring pinnacle of divinity.

Instant yoga in Kerala is not to be found. It is not just an act of sitting in a posture with closed eyes. It is an act where in an attitude and approach to life is cultivated. It is not just a philosophy that is imbibed it is also a philosophy that is practiced and lived. Therefore it is not enough only to think about yoga but also to live it and do it in our lives. There is a necessity of meditation in Kerala to understand that yoga is not a replacement for action. The effort of humans is crucial. The renovation will not be got at the cost of action but will enable us to do our duties more effectively and efficiently and with honesty.

The importance of subconscious and the mind over the whole personality of the human beings had been recognized by meditation in Kerala much earlier than the modern day psychology found in its present form. Yoga is considered as an eight fold path done stage wise and step wise that leads to final liberation from the suffering and pain. The steps thus taken pave the way gradually to the state of distinctive knowledge, the highest state of creativeness and help to attain the perfection we desire.

Eight Stages In Ashtangayoga
  •     Disciplined behaviour (yama)
  •     Self purification (niyama)
  •     Bodily postures such as the lotus position (asana)
  •     Control of breathing (pranayama)
  •     Control of the senses (pratyahara)
  •     Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (dharana)
  •     Meditation (dhyana)

Samadhi - a state of being where absolute well being and tranquility can be experienced by you.

Based on the position of man and his profound understanding yoga in Kerala can be considered to be the first system in the world that was able to understand the interaction and the connection between the mind and body. The very structure of the personality of man is studied in depth by analyzing the complexities of the mind and cause of sorrow, pain and suffering of the human beings. Psychosomatic means have been laid down by the meditation in Kerala to deal with the mind and body complex through the psycho-physiological processes. This way it tries to integrate and harmonize the personality of the human beings at all stages and level of life.

Basically, yoga is a way of LIFE and it has evolved as a system which goes beyond one’s personality and it helps liberate and free the spirit from the matter absolutely.
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